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We are the local South West specialists in bathroom and wetroom construction and renovation. We are a family-run business that has been going for 40 years and can help with all your specific plumbing needs. 

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All materials, labour and haulage are included in our quotes so you will never be left with surprise additional costs

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Bathrooms & Wetrooms

We are a local plumbing company specialising in the installation of bathrooms and wetrooms. We can transform any space to make it into an accessible bathroom area from start to finish. 

Creating the bathroom you have always wanted has never been easier. We will help you with the design requirements, get all the materials and install all components including underfloor heating!


A wet room is a completely waterproofed bathroom space with a flush drain to allow water to escape. This makes it much easier to clean, easier for mobility and more stylish open-plan design.


We can create any bathroom style you desire. We can even relocate your bathroom to another area of the house if you find you have limited mobility or just fancy a change. 

bathrooms & wetrooms
How it Works

Choose your style and features, it’s ok if you aren’t sure, we will bring brochures to help you decide during your quotation. 

We can renovate an existing bathroom or even relocate your bathroom altogether. 

Explore from a range of different styles. We can create any bathroom or wetroom you desire whether is be a coastal style room reminding you of seaside walks or even modern luxury so you can treat yourself to a much needed pamper.

Our trusted experts will source the highest quality materials for your bathroom. Choose from a range of custom built showers & bathtubs, taps, units and tiling. 

We also specialise in underfloor heating!

We will come and measure your space and provide a free quote which includes all materials and labour. No hidden costs!

We can renovate your existing bathroom or we can relocate your bathroom area to another area of the house for easier access. Relax easy knowing that we have got it all under control!

Choose your style


The industrial design style loves the art of exposed pipes and beams. Materials like brick and concrete are a great way to give the space a lot of character.
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Bohemian design is a free-spirited style that mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style. Boho emphasises nature, bold patterns and bright colours.
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Inspired by Japanese design, minimalist style uses uncomplicated forms, clean lines, and simple finishes to really showcase how less is more.
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Bold style brings bright colours and unique design to create a vibrant space.
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Scandinavian design style uses lots of wood styling to create a warm and natural feel.
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Modern design style combines clean lines and smooth, sleek surfaces with metal, chrome, and glass features. The style is similar to minimalist but uses bold colourful accents.
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Choose your features

Shower Units

We can build shower units for easy accessibility with wetroom floors or use ready-made units. 

Ask for more details during your quotation.

You can also choose a range of shower styles from traditional heads to modern concealed showers. 

All come in custom colours to match your style.


Choose from a range of bathtubs including easy access tubs, stylish freestanding, combined shower & bath units and traditional baths. 


Choose from a range of comfortable and stylish designs. You can even have them measured for the perfect height!


Choose from a range of tap styles from modern unique wall-mounted designs to traditional mixer taps. 

Tiles & Flooring

Choose from a range of tiles, flooring and bathroom panels to create a fully functional bathroom or wetroom.


Choose from a range of tap styles from modern unique wall-mounted designs to traditional mixer taps. 


Choose from a range of tiles, flooring and bathroom panels to create a fully functional bathroom or wetroom.


Set the right mood with custom lighting. We can install a wide range including: motion detecting lights, mood lighting, mirror lights, wall lights, led strip lighting and more!

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